Getting Personal Season 1

We have recorded 12 episodes of a podcast series interviewing various people from the community that we find interesting. These interviews are approximately 1 hour long and cover a very broad range of topics. The 12 episodes sell for a total cost of $20 and can be purchased here:
Our guests on these 12 episodes are:

Episode 1 – “Menoth”John Christensen – Podcast legend, The Podfather and special friend of Chain Attack.
Episode 2 – Tony Ricchio – Special friend of Chain Attack, huge math nerd, and Scott Wray’s Kryptonite.
Episode 3 – Monte Krol – Blizzard employee, fan of Chain Attack, and a crazy Goblin.
Episode 4 – Brynn Holdstock – Team Canada WTC member, and hands down our Favorite Canuck.
Episode 5 – Chilly Winters – Podcaster from Road to War, Lyle Lowery look-alike, judge, and super convention goer.
Episode 6 – Nigel Brooks – One of the funniest men in Warmachine podcast history and member of the legendary yet now defunct podcast Focus and Fury.
Episode 7 – Michael Stubbs – Illustrious member of the NJSOBs and the only person we know who will gladly drop his pants to show you his scar.
Episode 8 – Dan Berger – Fellow podcaster over on Forgot to Feat and self proclaimed huge nerd.
Episode 9 – Ashton Holbrook – Amazing painter extraordinaire, creator of the “Cadillac of Skorne”.
Episode 10 – Casey Willis – Co-Executive Producer of the TV show Archer, and one of the funniest most awesome guys who play’s with little metal men.
Episode 11 – Stuart Gorman – Writer of the weekly blog “What I Learned From The Forum This Week” and probably fake Irishman.
Episode 12 – Gail Martindale – Organizer of major Warmachine events in California, WTC Team USA Selection Committee member 2013 and, rumor has it, a woman!